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if you receive this, share ten random facts about yourself, then pass it on to your 15 favorite followers (✿◠‿◠)


  1. i’m left handed
  2. i had like 30 cats once
  3. if i see a dog i will shout DOG no matter the situation i’m in
  4. i’ve been into older men since i was 10 ew
  5. when i was in preschool i cried literally every day for a year because i didn’t want to be away from mom
  6. everyone loves to point out that i have chinese eyes and it’s really annoying
  7. i was actually bullied in school bc of my eyes when i was little
  8. i cook p well but i’m really lazy
  9. uhh i drive really fast i’m probably gonna die in a car crash
  10. i can’t dye my hair because it gets damaged really badly

Well, I’ll tell you how you change it. This time, you live.